This is us

We are Eric and Tata

We are a couple in love, but also best friends. In September 2013, our paths crossed in Berlin and since then we have written our own love story. Our biggest passion is a getting to know new people and places. We love nature with all its magic. Walking barefoot on the beach, feeling the sand between our toes, the sounds of the sea, wildflower meadows, sleeping under the stars, colorful sunsets. We do not need much to be happy. Sometimes it’s the little moments that take our breath away.

In our spare time we try to spend as much time as possible with our rescue dog Monti. Our dog shows us every day how to live in the moment and how to be super excited about little things (like a stick of wood :-D). We enjoy long Sunday walks with our Monti. It was during these walks that we noticed the sunbeams that sparkle between the treetops and between the leaves. From this, an idea came into our mind, which has awakened a great fire in us. It quickly became clear to us that ‘Komorebi’ is the perfect name for our new wedding photography project. It means the light breaking through the trees, and it’s beautiful. We consider life is itself the greatest gift, and we are grateful for every moment, every experience and every adventure we experience together.