The gentle smile when pictures touch your most beautiful memories...

Sometimes it's the little moments that take our breath away

About us

we pride ourselves on  capturing authentic and intimate images of your special day

We embrace the unconventional, and don’t cover heavily scripted weddings. If you’re looking for photographers for classic, posed photos we’re not the right fit for each other. Creating our best work happens when we connect with our clients.

What does makes us an amazing fit is if you’re not looking to follow every tradition, if you are laid back, fun, open minded and true to who you are.

We absolutely cares who hires us.

We see ourselves as storytellers. Our passion is not just the photography – we want to accurately reflect your love story. Our style is documentary, because this is the only way we can capture the unrestrained, authentic and natural moments.

We promise to make the photographic experience suit you so you don’t have to act any differently than you do in real life. We want to capture you as you are. Be different and be yourself. That is our definition of “natural and authentic” and this is how we want to capture you.

While you are obviously the centre of attention, what’s a wedding without sharing it with the people you love? We follow the day’s action and capture moments that make weddings memorables. The tears. The laughter. The crazy uncle rocking it on the dance floor. We want you to remember everything about your day.

If you like how we sound, say hi! We can’t wait to meet you and have a chat with you.


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Wedding Photographer Berlin

Are you looking for a wedding photographer in Berlin? Do you want the essence of your day captured – the love, the joy, the passion, the laughter – in pictures? It’s what we want for you, too.

We are Eric and Tata, experienced wedding photographers based in Berlin, and we are passionate about creating and capturing special photographic memories for you. We are committed to working closely with each couple before, and on the day, of the wedding, so that we come to understand and then reflect in images the unique love and bond each couple shares.

We embrace all types of weddings because we understand everyone’s love and loves are different.  Komorebi means light that breaks through the trees – and it’s this universal beauty we strive to capture in each image we produce for you.

Because we will need to be with you from the start of your special day until the last guest leaves, it’s important that you feel comfortable with is. We are happy to get together and talk about what you want, and for you to get to know us, too.

We will show you your love story if you let us.