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Capturing the love and affection of two people makes us most happy as a wedding photographer. Since we are very close to nature, there is nothing better for us than taking pictures in nature. As soon as we travel, itches on our fingers to use the wonderful scenery of nature for an adventurous couple’s shoot. We meet again and again on incredibly interesting and enchanting couples, like Joe and Sabrina, and make friends in the most diverse places on earth. When we think back to this shoot and the time in Austria, we come to so many unforgettable moments that we always like to reminisce about this wonderful time in the summer.

We met Joe and Sabrina during our trip through Austria.  We made an appointment at upper Austria – Almtal and photographed at the most beautiful scenes that no one can imagine. The Almtal is surrounded by lush forests, blue shining lakes, majestic mountains and a crystal clear mountain river. We were particularly looking forward to the shoot with them, as we had already been in contact with the two months ago via Instagram and finally a suitable time was found to meet and shoot together. If you do not already know Joe and Sabrina then you should definitely check out their Instagram page and look forward to wonderful photos in the most beautiful places. The two come from Austria and like to spend their free time together in front of the camera.

We had an indescribable afternoon with them and are looking forward to seeing them again! Maybe next time in Berlin?

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